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​James Wiggins & Associates

Private Investigations​

Post Office Box 74373, Los Angeles CA 90004

Phone: 323-464-5208        Email: [email protected] 

California License # 12755

State of California

Licensed Private Investigator

License # 12755

Since 1987

  James Wiggins provides a variety of services that aid attorneys, individuals, and businesses looking to get to the truth of any situation. There is no substitute for hard work, and that is exactly what we are here to bring.

   James Wiggins is currently appointed as a panel investigator and expert witness for defendants in matters before the United States District Court, Central District Court of California, in Los Angeles.  Also, provides defense for defendants before the Superior Court of the State of California. He is listed as a researcher with the Los Angeles Public Library, Central Library, General Circulation and History Department, downtown Los Angeles.

   James Wiggins services focus on providing asset investigations, background Investigations, locate investigations, missing person searches, pre or post litigation support for civil or criminal matters, and historical public records research.

   If you are an individual or organization, we have a wide range of resources that will enhance your chances to reach your goal.

 "Always at your service"

Our Mission: To consistently provide the best services possible